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Home care Services for seniors in Wayne NJ


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Our loved ones have reached that point of time in their life, where they need love, respect, attention towards health and concern to their body disorder. It becomes difficult for them to manage it all by themselves, so they rely on their children for their help, but due to the busy life schedule, it even gets difficult for them to look after. We the Comfort Keepers of Rochelle Park, NJ bring you the solution against this. ‘Home care services’! This is something that has been designed purposely to serve elders, but it also favors the needs of their children who aren’t able to promote their full time to elders. 

We provide caregivers to stay along with your elders, look after their basic as well as necessary requirements, maintain their routine of living and fulfill all the other wants that satisfy them emotionally. Your elders also get a humble, friendly and caring partner to interact and share some life moments with. 

There are different Home care services that our caregivers can provide. We have mentioned below. 


The different types of Home care services include:-

  • Personal care services
  • Medical and Non-medical services
  • Assisting Help services
  • Social interaction
  • Other Required services

Personal Home Care Services

The Personal Home care services our caregivers provide are Bathing, grooming, hygiene, and diet. The elders at house might find it a task doing it all by themselves, so here our caregivers give them a hand in bathing if they want to reach out to the bathroom or come out once they are done. While in grooming and hygiene they make sure that an individual doesn’t sweat or gets uncomfortable in its body. You can also allot the responsibilities of diet regarding their routine and what would an elder like to eat, to the caregivers

Medication Home care services

The caregiver looks after the medical, Non-medical and health needs of your loved ones. If your elders are running on a fixed medication, then they can provide them the medicines timely as per your instructions. There might be a fixed routine of your loved one regarding the medicines they intake because of some uncertain body conditions. You just need to let the caregiver know about the intake routine of your loved one, and they would make sure that the elders consume it daily and on a regular basis.

Assisting Help services

We consider this as a general form of help that our caregivers provide to elders. With their increasing age, the physical posture of elders weakens and they find it tough to walk. That’s where our caregivers provide them support and take them to different corners of the house like bathroom, bedroom, and Drawing rooms. Apart, they can also help them exercise, move their nerves and keep them indulged in fitness activities.

Social interaction

Your loved ones might be getting lonelier during that phase of life. Don’t worry our friendly and humble caregivers are there to look after their emotional needs. Our caregivers are fun to talk and share some stories with. The discussion of current affairs and fables is an interesting part of the conversation, where the flow of words goes makes an elder enthusiastic listener. Staying all day long will help your loved one to develop a good bond of friendship with them or they might even get comfortable sharing personal moments.

Other Required Home care services

The other various Household services our caregiver can avail. The household services like Washing and ironing of clothes, taking the elders around the places they wish to go, buying grocery and necessary materialistic things. They also engage the elders in playing smart mind-working games like Chess, scrabble that keeps them occupied for a little while and also keeps their brain active etc. Such kind of little gestures and entertaining things bring them happiness and add pleasure to their life.

So, these were some of the Home care services which our caregivers can provide. If you hire a caregiver to avail of these services then you and your elders can experience an easier lifestyle. The caregivers consider their duty in serving others and keeping them happy and they pursue it with pure dedication and patience to make their clients feel satisfied.

If you feel that your loved one is in a need of a caregiver, then you simply have to give us a call, inform your location and put up your demands on what basis do you want it like ‘FULL-TIME’ or ‘PART-TIME’. The caregiver apart from looking after the elders can also help you in other housework. So, if you are planning to make your and your loved one's life easier then this is a kind of service for you. We are among the best Home care agencies in Wayne NJ and surrounding areas to choose a caregiver from. So get your elder ‘Comfort ready’.

We believe in serving quality and satisfaction, which we receive on seeing the happiness of your loved ones. The caregivers we provide are friendly and co-operative to undertake whatever chores they have been allocated. They make sure that once they have been put to duty on looking after the elders, then the elders won’t feel disappointed. We surely believe in achieving excellence, but through serving happiness, which we get on seeing a smile on elders face.

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