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True companionship is something every person desires. Where you get someone to interact with, share a bond and make yourself comfortable with them. What about our loved ones living the elderly phase of their life? Don’t you think so, that as much as we do, they also expect something to fulfill their emotional needs? Worry no further! We the Comfort Keepers of Rochelle Park NJ are here in Wayne, NJ to look after your loved ones and get them something they wish to have. We here at Wayne, NJ serve the elders with live-in 24 hour home care services through a caregiver who totally dedicates his time towards the elders and stays along with them to even be at support during the late hours of nights.

The live-in 24 hour home care service is essential for elders because, at this point of time, it is necessary to provide guidance, help them in medication, keep their body active through exercises and other provisional assistance. Such services bring a huge impact to the life of elders and they may also experience a kind of healthy living under such qualitative provision.

If you are not sure that you need live-in caregiving service for elderly at home, then the below-mentioned information will help you know that.

When do you require Live-in care?

Our elders are at a later period of their life, struggling with health issues that limit their living. You as a responsible child should put some effort into getting them something they need. The live-in 24 hour home care service is something that will help them. The kind of service where a caregiver looks after their needs, helps them in basic routine chores like bathing, dressing up, ironing clothes, exercising, etc. Also, they are there to avail them the routine medications and meals.

Such services are required when an elder is diagnosed with a disease, on bed rest or just out from the hospital. In certain cases, there are patients suffering from diseases like Dementia and Alziemehrs, where they experience mental disturbance and that brings a change in their physical behavior. In this case, the memory of the patient drifts and he starts forgetting things which were known to them previously.

At times, an elder faces difficulty in urinating at late hours, or even sometimes loses the ability to hold it, which results into leaks on the bed and that should also be looked after. Such diseases and conditions should be treated well under proper guidance. The caregivers stay with your loved ones and are available for them 24*7 to fulfill their needs even at the time of emergencies.


The 24 hour home care service is slightly different from In-home care. Below given details will make it clear to you.

In-home care service

In this service, the caregiver remains present with your loved ones for a fixed number of hours. They serve them the quality of services they require within the walls of comfort in day time.

24 Hour Home Care Service

While this is the service where a caregiver needs to reside at your place and take care of our loved one’s health. The caregivers help them with ADLs not only in day time but during the night period as well. 

How can live-in care impact an elder’s life?

The 24 hour home care service eases the life of the elderly because of the advantages one can obtain. The caregiver apart from looking after their health would also help in other routine based activities. That includes cooking, bathing, dressing and interacting with them and keep them occupied mentally. As the caregiver supervises them 24 hours, your loved ones may remain trouble-free even at late hours of the night. If an emergency of sudden medication appears at late hour, then our caregiver will be there to assist the elders. Our caregivers can also help you in other basic chores like housekeeping, grocery shopping, laundry, and some kitchen work. This will make your elderly’s living easy and comfortable.

We the ‘Comfort keepers of Rochelle Park, NJ’ are there at your service, with our caregivers at Wayne, NJ. Our only concern is to keep your loved ones happy and provide them the quality services as per their expectations. Your elders need the right kind of treatment to their health as well as emotions, which they expect from their family members. As a working individual, it might get difficult for you in fulfilling their desire, but don’t worry. Our caregivers are there to accompany your loved ones socially as well as mentally, they can keep them happier, healthier and make them feel comfortable through their loyalty. Apart, from being a part of their healthy lifestyle, this 24*7 live-in home care service is something that raise the standard of living for your elders.

Availing such live-in 24 hour home care services can not only ease the life of an individual. Our elders at this point of time need love, respect, attention and a little of more concern towards their health. If the right professional caregiver is allowed their duty, then it can bring a huge transformation to their lifestyle. You would see them healthy and find cheerful, along with being interactive with a caregiver. We avail of this service for 24 hours, so it eliminates the possibility of keeping an elder’s demand unfulfilled.

What makes our loved ones happy is a little bit of emotional and mental satisfaction, through their family members and our co-operative caregivers. Here, at Wayne, NJ we are there to fulfill your requirements with quality and respect we serve. Your loved ones will be kept in our nutshell of love and would feel a loyal companionship staying with our caregivers. After all, we strongly believe that ‘ Helping somebody! and making them smile, is the reward to us from God’.


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